The active ingredient in Herballyfe Hair Regrowth is clinically proven to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. If you are suffering from hair that is thinning or balding, Herballyfe Hair Regrowth can reverse and fix the hair loss. Most new hair growth products take 6-12 months to even start showing results…but Herballyfe Hair Regrowth accelerates the process.
Herballyfe hair regrowth (For Men & Women) ) is scientifically made and backed up by trusted recipe of Ayurveda. Also, it is approved by the Department Of Ayush.

  • Enhanced hair re-growth
  • Mending, hydrate & fortify hair strands
  • Maintain hair healthy and give bounce to them
  • Protect & nurture hair from root to tip
  • Contain natural DHT blockers for male and female pattern baldness
  • Eliminates scalp issues


Herbal lyfe is special hair oil with advanced Ayurveda formula. It is derived from the ancestries of 500 year old vedic formula.The blend of 19 curative herbs is most effective in eliminating dandruff. This powerful medicinal oil will treat itchy scalp and any level of dandruff infections. It providesdandruff free scalp, Smooth feeling sensation, enhances hair root, strength & prevent hair loss.
*100% of your dandruff will be removedinstantly * Lifelong solution for both men & women * Pure and Fresh Herbs * Formulated and Handmade in Kerala * ISO & GMP manufacturing certified * Trusted by 1000+ customers .

  • Fortifies the hair
  • Make hair Glossier
  • Adds volume and bounce
  • Superior hair texture
  • Thickens every hair strand
  • Faster hair growth


Garcinia(Gummi-Gutta/Malabar Tamraind) Extract Growns from a Tropical fruit which grown in Southeast Asia,coastal Karnataka/Kerala, India, and west and central Africa. It thrives in most moist forests. Garcinia gummi-gutta is one of several closely related Garcinia species from the plant family Clusiaceae With thin skin and deep vertical lobes, the fruit of gummi-gutta and related species range from about the size of an orange to that of a grapefruit. Garcinia gummi-gutta is used in cooking,and in many proportions to add a sour flavor.The fruit rind and extracts of Garcinia species are called for in many traditional recipes,and various species of Garcinia are used similarly in food preparation in Assam (India), Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, and other Southeast Asian countries.

  • Weight Loss.
  • Reducing Appetite.
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar.
  • Lower Cholesterol.
  • Upgrading Metabolism.